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2001-2006: Model # 28570
2007 thru Current: Model # 28572

K-Covers Tonneau Covers is proud to introduce our newest addition to our family of covers – A “Drill-Less” Cover for the entire line of Ford Explorer Sport Tracs!

We are extremely proud of this Sport Trac Covers! With these new covers we have created a “Drill-Less” Installation that utilizes the factory drilled holes that are already located in the bed of every Sport Trac. Our hardware is designed to match up perfectly with these pre-drilled holes to ensure an incredibly secure installation without drilling!! As no drilling is required, this ensures that virtually every customer can install the cover themselves as the installation is virtually “goof proof.”


This cover has quickly become our best selling cover because:

  • PRICE: If you do not purchase your Sport Trac the factory cover already installed, most dealers charge around $1400 to add the Ford Cover to the vehicle (OUCH!). Our cover costs about half that price!!
  • WEIGHT OF COVER – Ford’s Cover weighs more than 75lbs. Our cover weighs only 28 lbs!
  • EASE OF HANDLING: As our cover weighs one third of the weight of the Ford cover, our cover is much easier to open as each panel on the Ford Cover weighs close to 40 lbs. Each panel on our cover weighs only 14 lbs!.
  • EASE OF REMOVAL: Our cover is much easier to remove - 28 lbs. is much easier to handle than 75 lbs.!!
  • MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: The Ford tonneau cover is made of a plastic/fiberglass composite. Our cover is made of Aluminum and stainless steel.
    • The Ford Cover is made of a dark pigment plastic material. These types of materials are prone to fading and warping when exposed to the elements (similar to plastic one-piece bedliners). Our aluminum frame around each panel is double anodized coated and our broad panel surfaces are painted in an automotive finish. Our materials of construction will never warp nor fade!
    • Our covers use a patented hinge design that integrates the hinge right into the frame that connects the two covers together. We do not use a separate “piano hinge” to connect the two panels together. Rather, our hinge looks and acts much like a piano hinge, except that our hinge is integrated into each frame. In other words, the hinge will never pull off of the frame…it is the frame!!
  • CONVENIENCE: The Ford Cover requires 3 locks to open both panels. Our cover requires you to open only two locks!
    • Both front and rear panel locks on our cover are located on the driver’s side so you can open the front panel by unlocking only one lock accessible from the driver’s side, and open the rear panel using only one lock - also on the driver’s side! With the Ford Cover, only the rear panel has a latch mechanism (holding the panel closed). Our cover has “slam latches” on both the front and the back panel!
    • On the Ford Cover, to travel with the rear panel open (and folded onto the front panel) you must use two “bungee-type” straps to secure the rear panel to the front panel while traveling. Our cover has two concealed pre-attached straps and snaps that are hidden and always available when you need them as they are permanently out of view on the front most vertical surface of the front panel.
  • LATCHES: The Ford Explorer Sport Trac Covers are the first covers to employ the 4-Point Automatic Slam Latch System. These “slam latches” on both the front and rear panels. These latches are engaged automatically when you close each panel. To unlatch either panel, you simply push the stainless steel latch lever with your finger (which is virtually invisible) to unlatch each panel. LOW PROFILE: The Ford Cover is about 1 ½” thick while our cover is only ¾” thick providing for a much lower profile when added to your Sport Trac.
  • LOCKS: The 3 Ford Locks “stick up” another 1 ½” above the top surface of the cover making these locks very visible. Our cover has only 2 locks which are both mounted on the driver’s side (one for the front panel, and one for the rear panel) so you don’t have to walk around the truck to unlock either of the panels! These locks are mounted flush with the surface of the cover and are virtually invisible.

Click here on General Specification Sheet and Installation Overview to go directly to that sheet. Below, are pictures that will provide you with a really good feel for the look and construction of the cover once it is mounted onto your Sport Trac – Pictures below are for the 01-06 Model.  Pictures for the 07 thru Current are coming soon (but the hardware, and installation is very similar to what you see below for the 07 thru current model with all the same features!

This “Drill-Less” Sport Trac cover has quickly become our best seller. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts at K-Covers Tonneau Covers at 1-800-261-1185. We look forward to hearing from you!

To view images click on links below.

Back panel open
Center keyhole bracket
Corner latch
Front latch
Front panel open
Tailgate cage
Top texture
Rear latch lock top
Open cover
Back latch
Side view closed


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