Advance Cover - Easily removable hard tonneau truck bed cover
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Features and Benefits for All Covers:
  • All of our covers are “DRILL-LESS” installations.
    To view YouTube Installation Video – Click Here
  • Cover removes in 1 minute and replaces in 1 minute!
    The NEW Advance X5 Supra Cover has a greatly improved installation
  • and locking system compared to its earlier version.
  • All hardware to be installed is no longer separately clamped on to the inside rail of the truck bed. Rather, all of the hardware is precisely pre-mounted at our factory onto 2 mounting rails called “T Rails.” These rails add strength to the cover, ease of installation and no adjustments! So all that is necessary is for you to clamp the mounting rails to the inside of the side rails, attach the cover to these mounting rails, and your installation is complete! An
  • All of our covers have locks and an Automatic 4-Point Slam Latch System that secures the top of the entire cargo bed. When you close the front and rear panel, the cover is automatically latched and secured to the truck bed at 4 corners of your truck bed. Once the cover is closed (and latched), you just simply lock the cover and lock your factory installed locking tailgate (or your aftermarket tailgate lock) and you now have a really secure trunk!
  • New “Twist Lock and Latch” system is embedded into each cover. To unlatch, simply open up the rubber lock cover, with the key provided, make sure the lock is in the ‘unlock’ position. From there simply twist the lock to unlatch the cover! The latch system is extremely low profile and protrudes only ¾” under the lid of the cover (so you lose virtually no cargo space under the cover).
  • Each truck has an easy access 2 lock access system (with both locks shifted over to the driver’s side for easy access). One lock for access to front of truck bed. Another lock for access for the rear of your truck bed.
  • One lock in the front gives you access to the front of your bed, while the second lock gives you access to the rear panel.
  • Low profile automatic latch for 2nd and 3rd panels that is automatically engaged when the 4th (rearmost panel) is closed. This means that the 1st panel is locked and latched, the 2nd and 3rd panels are automatically latched (and secured) to the truck bed, and the 4th panel is automatically latched at the rear corners of the truck bed. This is an extremely convenient, automatic latching system, which provides for an extremely secure installation!
  • Improved Gas Mileage (up to 11%!) - Advance Covers' low-profile streamline design has no sharp edges which give a factory installed appearance to your truck while improving gas mileage.
  • The 4 Point Automatic Slam Latch System is located under the cover to maintain a factory installed appearance. This automatic latch is a great improvement over slide brackets that are offered on many first generation covers.
  • Unique four panel designs provide you with unmatched accessibility and capacity.
  • When completely folded up to the truck bed, it's only 3 inches thick so it doesn't obscure view through back glass. (and you still have access to ¾ of your truck bed at all times without having to remove the cover)
  • When folded it's secured by pre-mounted straps that hold it into place (snaps).
  • When folded, it can accommodate a 5th wheel (goose neck) trailer.
  • Turns your pickup truck bed into a huge trunk!
  • Weather resistant construction keeps your cargo dry.
  • Aluminum and Stainless steel construction makes this cover very resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Available for most trucks (Model List Available here)
  • Toll Free Installation Help Line available for all K-Covers customers from Monday thru Friday, 10AM thru 6 PM Central Time

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