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  1. A Word About Installation....
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  3. Installation Tips
  4. Safety and Operating Instructions for Your Cover.
  5. The Importance of Mailing The Warranty Registration Form In Immediately After Installation

NEW Installation Overview for Ford Explorer Sport Trac (Drill-Less)


These covers are designed within very tight engineering and manufacturing tolerances and are designed to fit exactly onto your specific vehicle. Correct and careful installation is absolutely essential for your cover to perform correctly!

Each cover comes with a very specific set of detailed installation instructions to ensure proper installation on your vehicle. However, if there are any questions about your specific installation and because installation is so important, K - Covers offers all of its customer's access to our Toll Free Installation Help Line available from Monday thru Friday, 10AM to 6PM EST.


The following tips are "lessons learned" from installing a number of covers ourselves as well as from our "professional installers" and customers who have passed these tips on to us. These tips are not in the instructions that come with your cover. Please read these prior to installation of your Advance Cover:

  • DO NOT USE A SOCKET WRENCH: Do not use a socket when tightening the stainless steel screws. Use a Nut Driver (looks like a screwdriver with a socket end). The reason for this is that stainless steel is a little softer than regular steel. Using a Nut Driver will help to ensure that you will not strip these screws. Also, when done with the Nut Driver, put it in your glove box so you will have it handy to loosen the 2 lockscrews to easily remove your cover!
  • BE CAREFUL WHEN USING A CORDLESS DRILL!: For the same reason above, be very careful when using a cordless drill! Make sure your torque setting is appropriate....otherwise you can bend or twist the stainless steel bolts. The safest thing is to NOT use a Cordless Drill and use a Nut Driver instead!
  • PETROLEUM JELLY ON SNAPS: The straps and snaps that hold the cover in position when folded open come from the factory with a snug fit that can make them a little difficult to snap/unsnap. To make this task easier, dab a small amount of petroleum jelly on the male and female portions of the snap. This makes snapping and unsnapping "a snap."

If you have learned something after installing your cover that could benefit other K-Covers customers and you would not mind having your ideas posted on our website, please submit your "installation tip" to .


Please pay special attention to the following safety/warranty notice, which comes in the form of a yellow sticker that is attached to the inside back lid of your cover. This is applicable to virtually all tonneau covers but to make sure you understand any and all safety issues regarding your Advance Cover, please read the following:


When Vehicle is in Motion:

  1. Front & Rear panels must be locked, front & rear latches (and locks) must be locked and the right front safety strap must be attached and strapped securely (if applicable).
  2. Before moving vehicle, make sure all straps are snapped when cover is folded forward.
  3. Be especially careful & hold cover tightly when folding in windy conditions.
  4. Never leave cover unattended with front or rear panel open and NEVER move vehicles with panels open and unsecured.
  5. Never force cover to open or close. If cover fails to open or close easily, operate latches by hand (manually). If this does not work, remove cover completely & check with installer to correct the problem.
  6. Cover must always be closed, latched, and locked OR open all the way forward & snapped securely.
  7. Do not wax cover. Just wash with soft cloth.

To Remove Cover Off of Truck:

  1. Open front panel to 180 degrees.
  2. On the driver's side:
    a. First, loosen the lock nut with 3/8" open end wrench.
    b) Next, loosen the screw with 5/16" socket wrench (or nut driver), just enough to allow the curl on the third leg hinge to lift out of the slot.
  3. Close the front panel.
  4. From the rear of the truck, fold all panels forward.
  5. Go to passenger's side & repeat steps a & b.
  6. To lift panel completely off of truck, lift the rear of the cover (which is folded) up just enough so that the third leg hinge is completely out of the slot. Now slide back about 2 inches & lift up and off (this is so you will not damage the front latch, etc.)

Opening & Closing of 4- Panel Cover - Instructions below:

  1. To open the front panel, unlock the first panel & remove the key. Next, push the latch release lever (the spring wire latch) toward the passenger side & at the same time lift front panel by using the lift handle.
  2. To open from rear, first unlock cover & remove key. Second, push rear latch lever inwardly toward front of truck & lift rear panel using your index finger on left hand under lift handle and lay fourth panel forward onto third panel.
  3. Next, place your index finger (left hand) under lift handle on second panel & lift up & at the same time place your right hand under the rear edge of the cover (which is now 2 panels) & lift up & move forward with all 3 panels touching each other & lay all three (folded flat) onto the front panel. At this time, make sure you SNAP the two tie straps, which are on the front edge of the first panel & goes on top of the fourth panel. Also, on the driver's side, under the rear of the first panel is a strap hanging down - place it on the snap of the fourth panel.

To Replace Cover:

  1. Place the cover (with the cover folded) on the truck approximately 2 inches back from the front edge of box & center cover left to right.
  2. Lift rear of cover (which is folded) up approximately 2" & slide forward under the spring wire latch, which is on the front lip of truck box (align the third leg hinges into the slots & lay cover down.)
  3. Finger tighten the screw on the passenger side & then reach under cover on the driver's side & finger tighten that screw.
  4. Next, unfold cover & adjust cover left to right.
  5. Open front panel (make sure the lock nut is against the HEAD of the screw) - now tighten the screw. Once screw is tightened, THEN tighten the lock nut with the open end wrench.
  6. Fold cover forward & tighten screw & lock nut same as other side (screw & lock nuts MUST be tight before moving truck, etc.)

The Importance of Mailing The Warranty Registration Form In Immediately After Installation

Please mail in the warranty form as soon as you have installed your cover! Without receipt of the completed warranty form, your warranty will not be valid. The sole reason for this is that the person who does the actual installation must be the person to sign this warranty form certifying that the cover has been installed EXACTLY as prescribed in the installation instructions provided. The manufacturer assumes no liability for a cover that was not installed exactly as prescribed in the installation instructions.

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