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2004+ NISSAN TITAN Installation FAQ & Images
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Q. Will the use of either the K-Cover impede the use of the Utili-Track?

A. In the Photo Gallery, there are some pictures of the K-Cover Installation of the rack system that should go a long way to help you understand how the cover installs onto the Nissan TITAN Utili-Track System. Our cover requires some Utili-Track space to install the cover and latch brackets. That means with the K-Cover (or any other cover) you will not have use of your Utili-Track System wherever brackets are installed and you may have some minor limitations. That is not only with our cover, but with any other cover that installs on to the Utili-Track or any other accessory installed on the track. Wherever that installation hardware is required to attach to the track, you will have some limited use of your Utili-Track. The Utili-Track is still usable, but where hardware is installed, you will have some limitations.

Q. That is, can a bed extender or bed divider be used at all (including any limited use) at the same time the covers are mounted?

A. See installation pictures in the Photo Gallery for the answer better than it can be explained. However, in the picture you see…regarding the bed extender…there is no need for the “stop” to be reinstalled (that takes up more valuable track space) in front of the last bracket. When the cover hardware is installed, the rearmost bracket should act as your “stop” for the track (so your bed extender or any other accessory doesn’t slide out of the end of the track). This will add a few more inches of usable space for your track and a few extra inches so you can extend your bed extender out even further.

To give you some good measurements to work with, the rear bracket is 4 inches wide and takes up 4 inches of track. The stop that is installed at the very back of the track, when installed is about 1 inch wide. If you install the rear bracket for the K-Cover in place of the “stop” (and remove the “stop” completely), you will lose only 3 inches at the rear most portion of your track. This means that when the tailgate is open, and the bed extender is “extended” out onto the tailgate, your bed extender won’t go all the way to the very edge of the tailgate as before, but will come up approximately 3 inches away from the edge of the tailgate as before. We think that is pretty good….to lose only 3 inches and still have a drill-less installation of a tonneau cover!!

Q. What about tie down hooks? Alternatively if the cover is removed can these accessories be used or is the mounting hardware left in the tracks requiring there removal as well to fully utilize the utility track system?

A. See pictures attached. For the K-Cover, there are 4 brackets installed on each side Utili-Track with each bracket being 4 inches wide. This means that for the entire length of the track (Approximately 60 inches or so), you will have 16 inches taken up by hardware (4 brackets each 4 inches wide). This leaves the remainder (approx. 44 inches) of side track available for you to install other accessories in those spaces. NOTE: There is absolutely no hardware installed on the front part of the Utili-Track, so that entire track is completely usable just as before.

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